18th May, 7.00p.m. (Current Teachers)

27th May, 7.00p.m. (Current Trainee Teachers)

Are you or your trainees worried about finding a job in these difficult times and want to make your applications stand out? Do you or your trainees need help preparing for a Zoom interview? Career Advice for Teachers webinars are led by career expert John Howson, will prepare you and your trainees.

Webinars will include:

  • Advice on how to write applications that appeal to headteachers
  • What to do before and during online interviews
  • What to do after interviews to ensure you take the right job
  • An update on the state of the English job market (using TeachVac’s unique database)
  • 30 minutes of vital tips plus 15 minutes Q&A
  • Webinar slides and further notes delivered by email after the event.

And all for just £20

To register visit: www.careeradviceforteachers.co.uk