Sec Physics

Time: 4.00p.m. – 5.30p.m.

Facilitators: James de Winter, National Lead for Early Career Teachers and Research, The Ogden Trust


Misconceptions, Language, Literacy and the Use of Representations
In these sessions, the team from The Ogden Trust will focus on some key considerations that are relevant for physics teaching.
This session will include a focus on misconceptions, language, literacy and the use of representations (e.g. graphs, diagrams, equations).  We will use examples from across the physics curriculum.
This is the first of three sessions; they have been designed as a sequence, but each session will work as a standalone.

Recommended Pre-reading for the session

Learning Physics (p7-15) from Chapter 1 of Teaching Secondary Physics (3rd Edition).
This is available free here.
Click sample pages link.

For more information and to register for the live session click here.

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