Secondary Geography

Time: 4.00p.m. – 5.30p.m.

Facilitators: Kit Marie Rackley,


What I Wish I Had Known as a Geography ECT
Teaching is always a steep learning curve, but perhaps never so much as when you are an ECT.  This session will be split into three parts, led by an experienced ITT mentor, a Geography ECT and an English ECT.  Teaching is what you bring into it.  While it will change you over, your unique identity, perspectives, lived experiences and character should be core to your approach, and so the first part of the session will focus on some self-reflection about what you can bring to the classroom simply by being you, guided by some examples from the hosts.  The second part of the session will focus on “even better ifs!”, including opportunities to work across the curriculum and things you might have been told or taught during your training, but with a little bit of tweaking could serve you better in practice.  The final part of the session will give some top-tips and quick wins that you can start using straight away.

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